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An interesting series of trees are being planted around Wimborne.  These are to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and are a part of the Tree Canopy Initiative in 2022.  They are intended to be within easy access of the centre of Wimborne to allow for options of either strolls, short walks, cycles or short drives.

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*      Interesting Existing Trees


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Interesting Other Trees Tree-Trail-6-Ginkgo-biloba Trail Guide

All the trees (and their positioning) on this tree trail have been discussed with arboreal specialists

1. Prunus subhirtella 2. Betula - utilis 3. Koelreuteria 4. Styrax - japonicus 5. Sorbus - commixta 6. Ginkgo - biloba 7. Magnolia - 'Elizabeth' 8. Davidia - Dove Tree 10. Parrotia persica - ''Bella' 11. Chitalpa - Summer Bells 12. Crape Myrtle x fauriei Tree-Trail-4-Styrax Tree-Trail-5-Sorbus-Commixta Tree-Trail-3-Koelreuteria Tree-Trail-1-Prunus Tree-Trail-2-Arctic Birch Interesting Other Trees Interesting Other Trees Interesting Other Trees Tree-Trail-6-Ginkgo-biloba 9. Cercis canadensis Tree-Trail-9-Cercis-canadensis Tree-Trail-7-Magnolia-elizabeth Tree-Trail-8-Davidia-Dove-Tree Tree-Trail-10-Parrotia-persica-bella Tree-Trail-11-chitalpa-tashkentensis Tree-Trail-12-largestroemia-crape-myrtle History-or-Tree-Trail? Introduction - History Trail

A little about the choice of all of our Tree Trail trees