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Tree 10


Parrotia persica - ‘Bella’

Parrotia is also known as ‘Ironwood’ because of its very hard and dense wood. The tree which is related to the ‘witch-hazel’ family produces red flowers on the bare stems in February and March that are then followed by oval shaped purple  leaves, turning a glossy green in the summer. Later in the Autumn a range of stunning vibrant reds, purples and yellows follow.  The species was named in honour of German naturalist Georg Friedrich Parrot in the early 19th Century. One of Parrotia’s sibling species is on the world endangered list of trees although ‘persica’ is at threat mainly through the current trend to deforestation for farming.   

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All the trees (and their positioning) on this tree trail have been discussed with arboreal specialists

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A little more about why this tree was chosen