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*      Interesting Existing Trees


(Click each tree to see location map)

Interesting Other Trees Tree-Trail-6-Ginkgo-biloba Trail Guide

All the trees (and their positioning) on this tree trail have been discussed with arboreal specialists

1. Prunus subhirtella 2. Betula - utilis 3. Koelreuteria 4. Styrax - japonicus 5. Sorbus - commixta 6. Ginkgo - biloba 7. Magnolia - 'Elizabeth' 8. Davidia - Dove Tree 10. Parrotia persica - ''Bella' 11. Chitalpa - Summer Bells 12. Crape Myrtle x fauriei Tree-Trail-4-Styrax Tree-Trail-5-Sorbus-Commixta Tree-Trail-3-Koelreuteria Tree-Trail-1-Prunus Tree-Trail-2-Himalayan-Birch Tree-Trail-6-Ginkgo-biloba 9. Cercis canadensis Tree-Trail-9-Cercis-canadensis Tree-Trail-7-Magnolia-elizabeth Tree-Trail-8-Davidia-Dove-Tree Tree-Trail-10-Parrotia-persica-bella Tree-Trail-11-chitalpa-tashkentensis Tree-Trail-12-largestroemia-crape-myrtle

A little about the choice of all of our Tree Trail trees

research-why-choose-this-tree Wimborne Minster Interesting Other Trees Interesting Other Trees Interesting Other Trees Tree Trail Introduction - History Trail

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